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Need help with your surface restoration or coating removal project? If so, then contact the friendly staff at  Keg’s Mobile Blasting. Our company is centrally located in Kernersville, NC and serves customers in the  Triad and surrounding counties as well as south western VA. We are committed to providing the most  innovative and environmentally friendly services in the sandblasting industry. We serve Commercial, Residential & Industrial sectors.

As many people know, sandblasting is no longer the preferred solution when it comes to stripping rust or paint due to the health risks associated with inhaling silica particles. That’s why Keg’s Mobile Blasting uses eco-friendly media products such as recycled crushed glass so it’s safer for you as well as your landscaping.

Keg’s Mobile Blasting is great for auto and building restoration since our products leave a perfect finish. This is a stark difference to sandblasting, which can warp metal objects like a car’s suspension during the heating process. In addition, media blasting is eco-friendlier than soda blasting because the latter option can be harmful to nearby grass and plants.

In addition to its usefulness in auto body shops and collision centers, our media blasting services easily remove graffiti from the surface of buildings, bridges Parks etc. This will instantly increase the value of your property and make it more attractive to potential customers.

Locally Owned and Operated

You’re not dealing with a big corporate entity when you call Keg’s Mobile Blasting. Owned and operated by Kevin Gately and Stephanie Laratta, our company proudly serves Kernersville, NC and surrounding Triad as well as the south western part of Virginia. 

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for the best way to strip paint or epoxy from a vehicle, then look no further than Keg’s Mobile Blasting. While soda blasting can damage the environment and sandblasting can be detrimental to a person’s health, media blasting has proven to be the eco-friendliest product on the market. Our system uses 100% recycled glass media. Our Machine can be used anywhere. 


In addition to being healthier than sandblasting, media blasting is usually the cheaper option as well. Moreover, at Keg’s Mobile Blasting, we can save your company even more money because we will travel to your location to perform our services on site. 

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Best of all, Keg’s Mobile Blasting will come to you! This means you’ll save both money and time, as you won’t be required to visit our shop. 

Our company is dedicated to making sure each and every one of our clients is satisfied with the job we do. Our reputation for professional and prompt service is very important to us because when our customers are happy, they are more likely to recommend us to friends in Forsyth  and the surrounding counties.

Locally owned and operated by Kevin Gately and Stephanie Laratta, we know the importance of treating our customers like real people. That’s why we have genuine human beings answering our phones and not some automated messaging system.